More shoppers through your real store door

If you are an independent toy or gift retailer with a real bricks and mortar shop you are likely facing unprecedented pressures to your business.

At the Real Store Club we are passionate about helping small stores succeed even in this difficult retail landscape. To be clear, we do not want to teach you about retailing – you already know how to do that. But we understand that finding the right marketing activities and practical ways to implement them can be challenging.

The aim of the Real Store Club is to provide a resource and a forum to research and share the best marketing and sales activities for real shops. Activities might include:

  • Compelling ways to attract customers into your shop
  • Getting more customers to purchase once inside
  • Becoming a destination of choice
  • Creating a fun-filled experience (so children beg their parents to return!)
  • Make working in your shop more fun!

The Real Store Club is totally free to join and you can leave at any time.

Free Marketing Ideas handbook for you

First off, we have been very busy creating a compact Marketing Ideas handbook for you to download when you join. In compiling this handy resource we have researched with many other retailers here and abroad to include some neat sales and marketing ideas that have worked for them.

When you join the club we will send you a link to download this handbook. The contents could be already familiar to you but may at least serve as a useful reminder or checklist.

This is just the start.

Over time we plan to produce more marketing activities together with hands-on tools and artwork for you to use and adapt so it is easier to make your marketing activities a roaring success. You will have access to a resource centre (free, of course!) that you can dip into and a forum to share and discuss even better ideas with your retail peers.

We invite you try out the ideas and let us know how you get on! Successful or otherwise! Either way, we want to hear from you. Indeed, we hope that by sharing experiences, all club members will benefit.

Real Store Club encourages you to bring your personal knowledge and expertise to the table to share with other independent shops. Growing by helping each other!

Finally, I think we mentioned, it’s all free!

Real Store Club is Sponsored by Fiesta Crafts

As a UK based toy designer and manufacturer since 1990 we have a vested interest in seeing small shops succeed. We built our business selling to small toy and gift shops; many of them are still our loyal customers and even friends. Through the Real Store Club, we believe that by sharing best practice, we can help you and many other shops thrive.

Find out more about Fiesta Crafts here

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